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Avoid costly home repairs due to pests with our regular pest solutions!

We often find that pests hide during the winter months. This means that pests often make their presence known during Spring. The common pests found in La Habra are bed bugs and rodents. Spiders are also very common. It’s become apparent that infestations of these pests in La Habra are on the rise.

We Treat for Termites & More!
Recently we’ve seen a number of termite infestations in La Habra, CA. Termites can be masters at going undetected, which can bring about even greater damage before you realize they are there. A number of recent cases involved structural damage caused by the termites.

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If you want to protect your home, it would be wise to have routine pest control maintenance done on your home. It’s easier on your wallet to prevent pests than to hassle with them. Pick up the phone and call one of our La Habra exterminators at 562-731-0845 and we’ll be glad to assist you immediately.

Testimonials from some of our great customers!

"Thank you! I don't even know how I got a small rodent problem in the first place but it for sure don't any more! Will be calling next time I run into an issue for sure."

Mike H.
La Habra

"There is nothing that makes you feel worse then knowing there are bedbugs in your house. Thank you for taking care of it so quickly!"

Lisa J.
La Habra

"Couldn't believe it when my wife found Termites in our house. I didn't even know where to start to solve this problem so thank you for doing it so quickly!"

Carl H.
La Habra

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